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Building the Impossible

Miltec and its team of engineers are ready to help solve your toughest problems.

We are here to support your engineers with our manufacturing experience through some Design for Manufacturability reviews. We work to create your vision with a manufacturable & repeatable solution.

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Building the Impossible 

When strength and weight savings are everything, Miltec designed new manufacturing techniques to make these "impossible" unsupported sections possible

Weight Savings.JPG

Example Projects

Please see a sampling of projects covering assembly, machining, material finishing, and kitted projects.

Complex Kit

Miltec has built internal processes to assemble stacked fins for increased thermal performance while keeping weight down

Ultra Thin

Miltec has created a fixturing solution to support mass production while holding +/-0.002 in at 0.030 in thin


Miltec has multiple certified partners to support all Mil-Spec Finishing Operations 

Helicoil Install

Miltec can support any type and number of helicoil install

Crisp Edges

Miltec can provide pre anodize machining and post anodize machining to provide crisp edges

Finishing Touches

Miltec can support customer artwork with milspec ink silk-screen printing


Miltec can build and integrate multi component solutions

Post Anodize Work

Miltec can create production processes to reduce cycle time and provide a crisp finished product

Ultra Small

Machined parts come in all shapes and sizes. Miltec can support large single body parts down to high precision one inch components

Ultra Light

Our programmers can build parts with large unsupported sections resulting in ultra light weight parts

Complete Kits

Miltec can build a variety of parts necessary to support all your program needs

Ideal for Optical CMM

Miltec leverages its Zeiss optical CMM to support  ultra complex parts - difficult to measure with traditional methods 


Let us help accelerate your programs

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